Silicon Valley

International School

Our Facilities


Silicon Valley International School believes in safefirst. A security system has therefore been put in place to protect lives and properties against kidnappers and infiltrators. Ten security officers including retired military officers are at various sections of the school patrolling to
deal with intruders. Installation of CCTV cameras at strategic points to augment the effort of our security officers.


Our excellent bus service commutes students to their destinations within the environs of the school. Our well-trained drivers have the patience and the experience to safely drive home our students. There are defined pick up and drop down points where patrons of our bus services converge to be picked. Our bus fee is moderate, affordable and comes with a flexible payment plan.

Sick Bay

Three well-trained health nurses have been employed to manage the health needs of our students and staff. Our sick-bay offers a first-class first aid to our sick students and staff. Nurses undergo regular refresher courses to be able to manage the health needs of the school. Patients are treated with love by our nurses when they visit the bay.

Sports  Park

Computer Lab



Our kitchen staff are properly scrutinized before they are employed. They prepare balanced meals to meet the taste and needs of our students and staff. Meals are tasted and approved by the monitoring team before dishing it out to students and staff. Students with special needs on medical grounds are warmly and promptly attended to upon request.