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Junior High School

The apogee of the entire Silicon institutional structure is the Junior High School where the ultimate basic level knowledge and moral training are offered to usher students into the second cycle or Senior High School. The age of students ranges 13-15 years.  It is ranked among the top ten best Junior High Schools in Ghana.

The entire student population is diverse and international, comprising Ghanaians and foreign nationals across the global divide. The overall goal since the inception of the school in 2002 has been to instill in our students, a desire for a life-long learning, a passion for challenging themselves to reach for the skies and to develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

Our experimental teaching strategy challenges all students to achieve their potential through the delivery of quality and comprehensive education. Our teaching, learning and moral strategies are geared towards the following to maximize the potentials of the students fully: We ensure that our students do not only acquire the competencies of the curriculum but to develop critical thinking and life-long analytical skills that would sharpen them to be global citizen-minded. We give our students equal opportunity to unearth their full potentials.  

Experienced teachers of high academic qualification and examiners as well are employed to carefully and professionally prepare students to write the BECE. The school has remedial classes where students who have challenges coping with the main-stream classroom lessons are put to be engaged by well-motivated, trained and experience teachers to nurture them at their own pace one on one to lift their academic standards up to parallel students in the main-stream.

The school has a strong counseling team which readily meet to address the adolescent challenges which surface periodically at that level of education. Augmenting the counseling team is the disciplinary tem which meet to address adolescent related issues as they pop up.

A well-coordinated teaching and learning structure exist to coordinate, monitor the whole-day work of each student and feedback to management for consideration and decision taking. The work of both teachers and students are checked to give value and meaning to the financial commitment of parents.

The school has a well-furnished state of the art Science laboratory and ICT laboratory where practical lessons are offered. Students have one on one access to computers and manipulation of Science- procured apparatus to do practical lessons. The staff are well trained and updated with the current content and methodology to ensure effective tutoring. Teachers have an excellent students-teacher relationship which make students feel at home in their academic and moral development process.

Students are trained to learn on their own. They also go through leadership training where top notch students take up various student-leadership roles to led and control their peers.

Subject Disciplines at the Junior High School

The junior High School offers ten (10) subjects which prepare students for the internal examinations as well as the yearly Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) by West Africa Examination Council (WAEC). The ten-subject disciplines are:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies
  • Religious and Moral Education
  • Information Communication and Technology
  • French
  • Ghanaian Language and Culture (Asante Twi option)
  • BDT-Home Economics
  • BDT- Pre- Technical Skills

Success Story Of The Junior High School

The Junior High School has an outstanding track record in BECE. Since year 2008, the school has choked 100% SUCCESS in all her BECE to date. At least 70% of our candidates who sit for the BECE on the average make nine ones in all the subjects, a phenomenal achievement which cannot be contested due to the excellent teaching input of our teachers and the uncontrollable learning spirit of our students.

Our students get placement into all the grade A second cycle institutions in the country. Among the schools are: Wesley Girls, Aburi Girls, St. Louis Girls, St. Roses, Holy Child, St. Mary’s, Presby Boys (PRESEC), Mfantsipim, Adisadel College, Prempeh College, St. Peters, etc.  

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