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The preschool has two main departments managed by their respective able heads. 

They are the Crèche and Nursery, and Kindergarten. 
  • Age bracket   3-6 years
  • Teachers Activities: -

a. Teachers do teaching and learning in skills development.

  • Some of the skills are fine and gross motor skills.
  • Skills in literacy and numeracy.
  • Skills in moral, behaviour and attitude.
  • Skills in communication, empathy, critical thinking, decision making, concentration, curiosity towards learning and healthy/safety living.

b. Facilitators handle children with care, love, empathy and sympathy.  They employ more technology in their lesson planning and teaching.

They use child centered approach in their teaching and learning.  They are always ready to support the weaker ones.  Facilitators are always ready and attentive to the child’s needs in the classroom.

Parents and guardians should run and enroll their children and wards in the KG Department

  • There are qualified, competent, hardworking and caring facilitators with print rich classrooms.
  • Facilitators go the extra mile in the day to day care of the children.
  • There are decent washrooms.
  • There is an excellent pupil/pupil, pupil/facilitators, pupil/HOD and facilitator/parent and HOD/parent relationship in the department.

On the whole, there is a conducive teaching and learning environment.

KG School Disciplines

The KG school in line with the new curriculum introduced into Ghanaian schools are offering the following subjects which have the key content of placing the child at the center of learning with supervisory role by the teacher. The subjects are:

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy
  • Creativity
  • Phonics
  • Rhymes
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